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Web Design and Development Services

B2C Commerce

  • Integration with Marketplaces

    Connect your online store to leading Marketplaces and expand your business to new channels and markets.

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  • Seamless Integrations

    Integrate your online store with Marketplaces and list your products in new channels and markets. Choose the Marketplaces where you want to sell and integrate quickly and simply with one-click. You can define specific rules for each channel and distribute updated information about the products.

    • Information Flow with the Platform
    • Product Catalog defined by Marketplace
  • Centralized Order Management

    Have a global view of the status of orders, customers and product stock across all channels and marketplaces. You will be able to centralize your orders, integrate with the rest of your systems (like your ERP) and keep a constant flow of information with your platform. 

    • Product Information Update
    • Real-time Price and Stock Update
    • Shared Stock Management
    • Returns and Refunds Control

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