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  • Personalization-Based Marketing Solution

    Drive engagement everywhere and watch your business grow.

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    • Automatic

    • One-to-One

    • One-Click

    • Reporting
      and Analysis

  • Profiling and Segmentation

    Create profiles with informations of your leads and customers behavior across all channels. 
    With our profiling system you’ll be able to understand in detail the interests and emotions of your users and use this information to attract and retain them with a set of relevant actions created automatically.

  • Personalized Campaigns

    Engage your customers with our marketing solution based on personalization. Create a wide type of promotions, discounts and other incentives. You have the flexibility to create simple or complex offers, just as you need.

    • Vouchers and E-gifts
    • Discounts on Favorite Products
    • Abandoned Cart Offers
    • Product Recomendations
  • Product Recommendations

    You will be able to generate real-time and automatic product recommendations. Our mechanism identifies each of your clients, shows their preferences according to the profiles previously mapped and allows you to generate personalized recommendations in real time.

    • Site Real-Time Recommendations
    • Email Recommendations
  • Recovery of Shopping Carts and Clients

    Create carts and customer recovery campaigns and increase your conversion rate. You will have multiple campaign options that you can send by email to reactivate the customer for the purchase.

    • Recovery of Abandoned Carts
    • Recovery of Customers without Purchases
  • Dynamic Product Sorting

    Apply product sorting rules and reduce your effort. Define an automatic sort order based on stock availability, sales, promotions or even local temperature.

    Visual merchandising changes are real-time allowing improved catalog site layouts, better customer experiences and an improved ability to respond to market changes. 
  • Analytics Tools

    Test, analyze, and optimize all your campaigns. With our solution you will be able to measure and monitor in detail all your Marketing actions. Additionally, you can integrate with other analytics tools such as Google Analytics.

    Maintain a constant evaluation and optimization routine through our analytics tools.
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