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Web Design and Development Services

Process and Document management

  • The simplest way to implement and monitor your processes

    Resorting to the most recent UX design fundamentals we were able to build a layout for our Smart Process Application Platform - AKTIBIZ - that enables you to quickly start using and creating any process you need to implement in your organization. 

    A visually clean and practical appearence lets you navigate through complex processes without loosing focus on which step or task you or any of your co-workers is on.
  • Responsive Design

    Currently, in any organization, there are always resources on the move. With the massification of web enabled mobile devices, it’s now possible to get work done, anywhere.

    With a carefully developed web-based architecture, AKTIBIZ adapts itself to any kind of mobile device web browser, providing at the same time a great user experience, on a beautifully laid out interface, that makes no concessions on its desktop functionalities and keeping the focus on the task at hand.

    Safety was also a concern while developing AKTIBIZ, being a web based application it’s accessible through your browser without the need to install anything. This helps to guarantee that even if you lose your mobile device, no one will be able to access your critical data.