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Web Design and Development Services

Multichannel success with a proven platform

  • Innovative Multichannel eCommerce solutions

    We implement innovative multichannel eCommerce solutions for mid to large sized retailers, distributors and manufacturers leveraging our ecommerce platform.
  • Innovative Multichannel eCommerce

    Redicom develops successful eCommerce solutions and effective multichannel strategies that promote fusion and synchronization of digital and physical experience for the end consumer.

    Place your customer at the center of the entire process, ensuring a personalized and contextualized experience across all points of sale.

  • A wide range of solutions to power your business

    Our broad range of services makes us the only place you need to go to develop your eCommerce portal. From design to hosting, through custom developments and digital marketing, guaranteeing 24/7 support. It's now easier to define strategies and automate processes that will allow you to increase your revenues, strenghten your online presence and open doors to internationalization.

    • Produt Management
    • Customer Management
    • ERP, CRM and MDM   Integration
    • sCommerce
    • Markets Management
    • Campaign Management
    • Logistics and Order Management (OMS)
    • Marketplaces
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