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Multichannel success with a proven platform

  • Marketplaces & Feeds

    Syndicate your product information effortless to marketplaces, comparison shopping channels, marketplaces and other affiliate networks. Together with the Product Information Manager and the Order Management system, you can setup a full automated system.

    Adapt your product selection for each feed by simply establishing rule based criteria or by importing a SKU list. 

    Manage complex feeds with multiple interfaces for Products, inventory and prices.

    Integrate seamlessly with the Order Management and have all the orders states and inventory data updated in each marketplace. Manage inventory from multiple warehouses and establish prioritization rules for each marketplace. Manage returns and refunds automatically and together with all other orders in a single interface from the OMS system.

    Map your products with each channel taxonomy and establish custom content mapping and rules for each new field. You can even write formula based code to transform fields to cope with everyday new requirements.

    Update automatically every feed with a scheduled task manager that connects directly to the integration Hub delivering updated prices in various currencies and inventory levels from different warehouses. Forward promotional prices and sales directly to the marketplaces.