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Web Design and Development Services

Multichannel success with a proven platform

  • Global eCommerce

    International eCommerce is much more than to just sell globally. You need to provide customers, sometimes new to your brand, a confident and secure experience. This can only be done by customizing everything for each country and language.

    Localizing your web store goes beyond every day functionality like currency, language, rules and regulations. It's also developing your brand by transmitting local shopping experience to your international customers.
  • Internationalization & Global Commerce

    • Speak the Language

      Provide a local shopping experience on a foreign country where your customers can feel welcomed and confident. Translate any content or feature to as many languages you require. Semantic URLs will adapt automatically together with all SEO. 

    • Reach Globally

      Sell and ship globally from your web store. We provide you with a solution where you can meet country specific tax rules, currency, payment options and shipping service.
      Your web store will be able to produce all the international paperwork like shipment documentation, invoices and customs clearance documentation for more than 195 countries.

    • Establish the Rules

      Set up your store with detailed country specific rules. Define product catalogs, discounts, promotions, price, warehouses, payment types, shipping services and visual merchandising.

    • Handle the traffic

      We provide a scalable solution that can process thousands of simultaneous customers and the means for you to monitor performance and be ready to upgrade hosting services as your business grows. 

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