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Web Design and Development Services

Multichannel success with a proven platform

  • Designed for B2B

    Provide many visual and functional enhancements designed for the best and most efficient shop experience to your wholesale customers. 

    Also, CSV/Excel Import and export features are available for customers to manage orders and estimates easily. 


  • Flexible business Solution

    Customize offers by personalizing markets, prices, discounts and/or margins. You set the rules for wholesales, distributors, agents and manufactures. The platform is designed to provide complex offers, discounts and promotions with dynamic product catalogs localized by country or market.

    • Limit offers to customer groups based on behavior and sales performance.
    • Set business rules for payment, minimum values and quantities.
    • Establish rules for delivery dates on pre-season sales.
    • Multiple users with different permissions for the same customer.
    • Allow customers to generate PDF catalogs based on their choices.
    • Apply different permissions to agents or intermediates.
    • Generate invoices and estimates on-the-fly.
  • Integrate with ERP, CRM & MDM Software

    The Platform is designed to be integrated with many software vendors through a well documented API. In a more complex approach, we provide special tools like our integration Hub that allows a fully automated communication system that can expand to real-time stock and price information.
  • Multiple simultaneous open baskets

    Create various campaigns with different checkout requirements like minimum values, minimum quantities, payment rules or delivery dates and baskets will divide automatically to meet catalog and campaign rules. 

    You can setup simultaneously e.g. pre-season campaigns with multiple delivery dates, sales promotion limited to stock, campaigns with minimum requirements together with never out of stock catalog and the basket will divide himself with products based on the campaign rules allowing customers to place separate orders.