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Web Design and Development Services

Global Digital Commerce Platform

  • Visual Merchandising

    Combining the intelligence of web analytics with inventory Managment, you can Visually manage your catalog as it will appear in the storefront by simply drag and drop thumbnails with analytics and inventory information.

    With this tool you'll be able to make informed decisions that will drive customers to higher conversions rates by giving them the most efficient and relevant content. You can even integrate with campaigns, A/B testing and other analytics tools for constant improving your inventory.

  • Content Syndication

    Extend your Portal reach by easily syndicate product information and product catalogs to marketplaces and affiliate sites with a complete end-to-end automated solution that helps grow your revenue efficiently and effortless. 

  • Social Commerce

    Enhance your business by leveraging user-generated content turning shoppers into promoters by making easy for them to share, recommend, rate and review, help build brand loyalty and preference. Create simples registration by allowing Facebook and Google+ integrated authentication so that customers can\r\nlogin to your store without the registration burden.

    Boost social commerce and drive traffic by tracking social behaviors, identify and refine user profiles and reward them with unique discount or gifts.

  • Product information Managment

    Deliver consistent product information across channels. Manage and maintain large and complex product catalogs collaboratively by acquiring data from multiples sources, including suppliers, syndication sources and internal ERP systems.

    Support international catalogs through a localized product information,meta-data and dynamic images.

  • Powerfull tracking features

    Uncover customer insights and turn relevant activity into analytics that you can use to optimize your marketing effort and boost ROI. Create landing pages, A/B tests and insert partner tracking scripts with an easy to use Tag Manager. Tools that gain you deeper and accurate insights into what motivates your shoppers that can help you deliver optimized campaigns to capture and retain customers. Track performance with a complete OOB integration with Google Analytics and Kissmetrics.