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Web Design and Development Services

Global B2C Commerce Platform

  • Visual Page Designer

    Create any kind of content with our drag & drop editor.

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    • No programming

    • Mobile Responsive

    • Drag & Drop

    • Easy Preview

  • Drag & Drop Editor

    Use our Drag & Drop editor and create different types of pages without coding and simply by dragging and dropping content elements.

    • Templates with multiple combinations
    • Building with content blocks
    • Easy-to-use interface (no coding needed)
  • A/B testing with Landing Pages

    Increase your conversion by creating rich and custom landing pages for a specific audience or campaign and  test two versions of each page.

    Use our A/B testing system and analyze and optimize the pages to ensure the best version for your leads.

  • Dynamic Product Sorting

    Apply product sorting rules and reduce your effort. Define an automatic sort order based on stock availability, sales, promotions or even local temperature.

    Visual merchandising changes are real-time allowing improved catalog site layouts, better customer experiences and an improved ability to respond to market changes. 
  • Responsive and Contextual Content

    Create the right content for any device or market in a simple way. With our solution you'll be able to offer a perfect shopping experience across multiple devices and different markets. 

    • Responsive Content
    • Different Content for Mobile or Markets
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