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Global B2C Commerce Platform

  • Global View of Orders

    Create a real time connected commerce hub with a global view on all orders, customers, stock and products across all channels and marketplaces, and their various status. 

    You can have a single view on which you can measure and take action on every stage of the fulfillment process, overview of integrations and access an order's entire lifecycle.

    • Centralization of orders
    • Monitoring of order status
    • Updated information flow: stock, payments, shipping and returns

  • Order Management System

    Optimize the entire order management process for maximum efficiency by creating your own order management model, specific rules and notifications with our order management system (OMS).

    • Integrated billing
    • Tracking codes
    • Control of returns
    • Automatic refunds
  • Seamless Integrations

    Integrate your platform with external systems. Our platform ensures one-click integration with multiple systems so you can keep an updated flow of information.

    • ERP
    • Payment Systems
    • Shipping Services