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  • Simplified Order Management System

    Manage your orders in a fully automated way with our OMS solution.

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    • Stock Management

    • Courier Integration

    • Integrated Billing

    • Automatic Refunds

  • Orders Global View

    Get a global view of the order life cycle and automate your entire logistics process, increasing the availability of your resources and offer a better customer service. OMS is designed to manage a large volume of orders and to make your business easily scalable to new channels and markets. 

    • Orders Consolidation
    • Automatic Order Flow
    • Payments Control
    • Stock Management and Update
  • Simplified Order Management

    Optimize the entire order management process for maximum efficiency by creating your own order management model, specific rules and notifications. 

    • Tracking Codes
    • Client Notifications
    • Print of Legal Documents
    • Fraud Prevention
  • Seamless Integrations

    Integrate the OMS with third party systems. Our solution ensures a solid integration with your multiple retail systems so you can keep an updated flow of information and simplify order fulfillment. 

    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    • Payment Gateways
    • Shipping Services
  • Built-in Invoicing System

    Integrate the platform with your billing system or use our integrated billing system certified. You can use the invoices in your marketing strategy and include some campaigns. 

    • Print Invoices 
    • External System Invoices
    • Documents Customization
  • Returns and Exchanges

    With the OMS you’ll be able to automate the entire returns and exchanges process ensuring a better customer service. Monitor the full process from collection request, item reception, refunds and credit notes. 

    • Returns and Exchanges Tracking
    • Partial Returns
    • Automatic Refunds
    • Credit Notes
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