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Global B2C Commerce Platform

  • Simplified Order Management System

    Manage your orders in a fully automated way with our OMS solution.

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  • Orders Global View

    Create a real time connected commerce hub with a global view on all orders, customers, stock and products across all channels and marketplaces, and their various status. 

    You can have a single view on which you can measure and take action on every stage of the fulfillment process, overview of integrations and access an order's entire lifecycle.

    • Centralization of Orders
    • Monitoring of Order Status
    • Updated Information Flow: Stock, Payments, Shipping and Returns

  • Simplified Order Management

    Optimize the entire order management process for maximum efficiency by creating your own order management model, specific rules and notifications with our order management system (OMS).

    • Tracking Codes
    • Control of Returns
    • Automatic Refunds
    • Fraud Prevention
  • Seamless Integrations

    Integrate your platform with external systems. Our platform ensures one-click integration with multiple systems so you can keep an updated flow of information.

    • ERP
    • Payment Gateways
    • Shipping Services
  • Built-in Invoicing System

    Integrate the platform with your billing system or use our integrated billing system certified by DGCI that gives you the power to work more efficiently. 

    • Print Invoices and Shipping Notes
    • Include Marketing Information in Prints 

  • Omnichannel Flows

    Connect your physical store to your online store and give your customers more convenience to purchase.

    You'll have the possibility to choose several Omnichannel flows that guarantee different ways of buying, delivery, collection and returns of the orders.

    • Shared Stock
    • Different Options of Delivery, Exchanges and Returns
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