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B2C Commerce

  • Omnichannel Commerce Solution

    Create an omnichannel shopping experience by breaking online-offline boundary
    and give your customers more convenience to purchase.

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    • Physical
      Store App

    • Shared Stock
      between Stores

    • Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns

    • Different
      Shopping Flows

  • Omnichannel Flows

    Meet the customers expectations by connecting your online store to physical store. You'll be able to choose several Omnichannel flows and allow your customers to buy where and when it’s right for them. 

    • Buy online with physical store stock
    • Buy in store with stock of online or others physical stores
    • Different options to Delivery, Exchange or Return
  • Support to Physical Stores

    The InStore App was design to support physical store shopping experience. Empower your employees with detailed information available in ISA and allow them to perform different shopping operations.

    • Purchase by Customers
    • Receive, prepare and send Orders
    • Register new Customers
    • Start exchanges and returns process
  • Omnichannel Stock and Campaigns

    The ISA shows the entire company stock and otimize the products delivery according to the availability in the pick up store, the main warehouse or any other store/warehouse. You can also apply the same online campaigns and promotions in the physical purchases.

    • Check the stock availability of different stores and warehouses
    • Acess to online stock and product information 
    • Apply the same online campaigns and promotions 
  • Clients with our Omnichannel Solution

    • Bluebird
    • PROF
    • Salsa
    • Decenio
    • Bazar Desportivo
    • Euronics
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