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Global B2C Commerce Platform

  • Ecosystem of Integrations

    A fully integrated commerce solution requires constant data flow between the platform and numerous other systems, like your ERP, CRM, POS and other third party services. Also communications come in a variety of methods, like email, FTP, API, Web Services, etc. and formats like CSV, Excel, XML and JSON.

  • Accurate Stock information

    Keep an updated product and inventory information in all your channels with a real time integration or scheduled synchronization what allows you to connect your web store to your internal systems at any moment, eliminating stock problems and refunds.

  • Centralized Product Management

    Get the right products in front of the right customers at the right time, regardless the channel. Do so by sharing product information, stock and multi-currency prices across channels. 

    We provide a product information validation interface (PIM) to manage and approve the product information placed by your partners from any channel. 

    • Updated Product Information
    • Cross channel Product Information API
  • Built-in Invoicing system

    You can Integrate with your internal  accounting system for document generation. Use the built-in out-of-the-box invoicing system if you prefer to have the documents generated by the platform instead, allowing to place localized campaign images e.g. special offers, promotions or any other content printed directly to the documents.