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Marketing Solution

  • Segmentation

    You can create segments with patterns of behaviors among groups of users. The segments can be define with your preferences.

    You can create segments based on:
    • Customer Buying Patterns
    • Purchase Frequency
    • New, repeat or loyal customers

  • Retention Grid

    You can use our retention grid to classify your customers into predefined segments such as you need. Segments are created and updated automatically in real time. You’ll be able to optimize your behavioral analysis and reduce your marketing efforts. 

    • Map of behavioral analysis 
    • Automatic segmentation
    • Updates in real-time 

  • Social Media and Google Integration

    Integrate with social networking and google and use the predefined audiences to enrich your profiles. 

    You’ll be able to understand your costumers in different points of contact and collect essential data to have a deep understand of online customers behavior.

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