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Process and Document management

  • A new generation of software

    With the increasing complexity of today’s business environments it is crucial for organizations to adopt technological solutions that are efficient to use and cost-effective to maintain.
  • Speed up your company wherever you are!

    Aktibiz is a web-based platform for Process Integration Management, usually known in the market as a BPM widely used in major companies.

    Our platform is totally customizable and adjustable to the needs of any company/entitie, whatever their dimension or needs/expectations.

    Our main goal is to provide to any company the opportunity to speed up its processes automatically, something that until now required a large investment available only to major companies.
  • Smart Process Applications

    • Document Capture

      With AKTIBIZ it’s now possible to integrate the scanning, handling and management of this kind of documentation in your processes.
      By using state-of-the-art technology AKTIBIZ Document Capture makes sure the scanned documents are readable and searchable, providing in this way, all the tools needed for an effective management of all the company’s documentation whatever the source is.

    • Document Managment

      AKTIBIZ template based document creation will help you make sure that the documentation that follows any process respects the templates defined by your organization. 
      You can now easily create templates in a big variety of formats that can be filled within any step of any process.

    • Collaborative Tool

      In any organization, procedures typically involve several employees who every now make their contribution with associated tasks. Without a platform like Aktibiz, not always the flow follows its ideal course for several reasons. How many times a process is pending in that there holiday employees? With Aktibiz these setbacks over.

    • Process based

      We provide a scalable solution that can process thousands of simultaneous customers and the means for you to monitor performance and be ready to upgrade hosting services as your business grows. 

  • Customers with Smart Process Applications

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