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Process and Document management

  • Business Process & Collaboration

    By definition, collaboration is about getting work done together. Interrelated work without having an efficient means to share its progress and status, will require time consuming, ineffective tasks to be performed. 

    To avoid waste of company resources, tools are needed that provide both ease-to-use and powerful features that makes the organizational mission and procedures easier to attain.
  • Limitless flexibility

    AKTIBIZ is one of those such tools, with its almost limitless flexibility and simple user interface, it’s able to provide your company with an easy way to share knowledge, manage tasks, guarantee process completion and powerful reporting capabilities.

    • Easy to keep Track
    • Remote work environment
    • Quicker response to actions
    • Knowledge Sharing
    • Resource Optimization
    • User friendly Interface
  • Process Management

    For an effective Process Management choosing the right tool is\r\nparamount. It must be able to quickly and easily provide info about status of a\r\nprocess, their stakeholders and the data it contains. Providing reporting\r\nfeatures that help the organization to better understand their flows and also\r\nhave the necessary flexibility to allow quick changes that follow the\r\norganizational changes and growth.