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Web Design and Development Services

Marketing Solution

  • Analytics Tools

    Test, analyze, and optimize all your campaigns. With our solution you will be able to measure and monitor in detail all your Marketing actions. Additionally, you can integrate with other analytics tools such as Google Analytics.

    Maintain a constant evaluation and optimization routine through our analytics tools.
  • Social Commerce

    Integrate with social networking and create campaigns designed for different segments. Turn your users and customers into promoters of your products and give them rewards with discounts and offers. 

    Promote interconnected commerce with social networking and monitor all interactions with your business.

    • Social networking authentication
    • Facebook BOT
    • Social sharing, product recommendations and reviews
  • A/B Testing

    Use our A/B testing system and analyze and optimize the pages and content to ensure the best version for your leads. Increase your conversion by creating rich and custom content for a specific audience or campaign. 

    You can use A/B testing system to test different types of content: email marketing, landing pages, google or social networking ads.